1401/4/26 یکشنبه

Metrology of Russia is ready to fully cooperate with INSO

On the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the establishment of Mendeleev Metrology Institute of Russia, the head of standards of that country officially invited Dr. Mehdi Islampanah, the vice president and head of INSO, to participate in this ceremony. In response to the official invitation from that country, the head of INSO also congratulated this important event by sending a video message instead of attending. The head of the Mendeleev Institute of Metrology of Russia announced during the ceremony and after broadcasting a video containing the message of the head of INSO: "This message is a congratulatory message including a unique offer of cooperation. In fact, it has been a long time since we have been with Iran." "We have not had any cooperation, so it is a good proposal. Our meeting can provide an opportunity for further cooperation in the field of metrology, technical rules and conformity assessment including agricultural products, which will lead to a wide range of cooperation, which is not limited to the Mendeleev Institute of Metrology". The 180th anniversary of the establishment of the Russian Mendeleev Institute of Metrology was held on Thursday, June 26, with the presence of a group of foreign guests and the heads of the metrology centers of the countries in St. Petersburg, Russia.