Saturday 8/13/2022 Summary Report of the APMP Survey on Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business. The challenges posed by digital transformation to metrology include both the digitalization of metrology itself and the application of metrology in the digital world. To implement the CIPM Grand Vision for a SI Digital Framework, the BIPM organized an online workshop themed “The SI in FAIR digital Data” from 22 to 26 February 2021, where each RMO was invited to introduce the digital transformation development status in the region and in member NMIs. In order to understand plans, activities and challenges that APMP member NMIs have with respect to digital transformation, to know the scene of APMP in this area, and thus to provide a basis for our future work plans, APMP conducted a survey on digital transformation among its members from 29 January to 14 February 2021. We are grateful to the 17 institutes from 15 economies who have provided feedbacks. Attached is the summary report for information of members.